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Project Description

Tapcart is a high-growth SaaS company providing a B2B & B2C e-commerce App builder, where I lead web projects such as new websites and landing pages design and development.

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Tapcart Demo Page


Demo page is the most important page that affects our conversion rate dramatically. We need to find ways to improve our page, and attract more users to fill out the form.

Understand & Critique

After I reviewed the analytics report of the demo page, I noticed that over 80% visitors came from mobile devices. So I decided to make it a mobile-first project, instead of prioritizing the website laptop view point.

Pain points we found:

  1. The mobile page was too long, it was burning out users' patience. There were only 3.9% users scrolled through all content.
  2. Content was too dry to read.
  3. Images were not supporting the copy.
  4. Matrix were hiding in copy.
  5. Too many CTA buttons, looked overwhelming


As the first task at Tapcart, my duty was to redesign the demo page to increase the conversion rate by 30%.

Considerations moving forward

  1. Shorten the page, so it won't burn out users' patience.
  2. Use interesting interaction to grab their attention.
  3. Turn boring wordy reports to infographics so it can be easier for users to digest.
  4. Make sure we are not having too many "Book A demo" buttons, but also make sure users can "book a demo" anytime.


My approach:

  1. Making the “demo form” a pop up, so users can see more information on the first screen.
  2. Instead of placing "case study" cards one by one, I made it an auto sliding carousel.
  3. Adding engaging but mobile friendly animations and interactions to the page. For example: number-counters and animated infographics.
  4. Added a "Book a demo" button on the sticky nav bar, so users can click wherever they are on the page.

After I finish the mobile version design, I started to think about how to serve the other 20% users. My first thought is to make sure the form always stay in sight so people can fill it out any time they want when they scroll through the website. So I placed the form on right side, used the left side as our canvas to demonstrate our product.

As a result

the Conversion Rate has increased 116.6%, or from 2.34%~5.07% up to date.

21.5% of the traffic scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page.

More Details Coming Soon

Tapcart BFCM Season Report

The second big project our team had in 2022 was to create a highly interactive annual report.

Project details coming soon

Tapcart Academy

In 2022, Tapcart started to plan an educational environment for all the users, my duty is to design and build a website from scratch. Make sure it is user friendly and matches with our rebranding. On the other hand, I need to make sure the backend of the website will be user friendly for our Customer Success team to manage.

Project details coming soon

Tapcart Inspiration Center

Project details coming soon


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